Summer Romper Nautical Style

There’s something nautical in the air…summer, beach, sun…
Before we left for our trip, I created some new outfits for Kanani to model. This is one of them.
Summer Romper, made with medium weight navy cotton. Maxi nautical bag, made with duck cotton fabric, it has an outside pocket for tiny treasures and a cotton embroidery applique. The visor justĀ complete the look.
Kanani loves it !!!
More pictures of our trip are coming soon…
Thank you for visiting !

I am back !

Hi Everyone!
I am back from vacation. I actually got back last Sunday, but I needed to re-organize my house and wait for my luggage that got lost somewhere in another country.
It was a looong break…I missed my blog sooo much !
I will be posting some pictures we took onĀ our trip, Kanani came with us, she had lots of fun !
My Etsy Shop will be open on August 1st.
Thank you so much fo visiting, talk to you soon…
Suzy :-)