New Pattern is here! Spring Patchwork Dress and Top – Sewing Pattern for 18 inch dolls.

Hi! New pattern is here! Spring Patchwork Dress and Top. Modern and classic style for your doll. This pattern includes, Dress, Maxi Boho Style and Top Patchwork. It fits 18 inch dolls and suitable for cotton fabrics.
This dress can be made using 3 fat quarters of different prints of cotton fabric or you can use scraps of your favorite fabrics.
It can be embellished with lace, ribbon, ric rac, tiny buttons, trims, many options… It’s available now on SuzyMStudio site, Craftsy and Etsy.

Hope your dolls like it! Any question, please contact me. Happy sewing!  Suzy.

Spring Patchwork Dress and Top SuzyMStudio

Asymmetrical T-shirt Sewing Pattern for 18″ dolls

Hi Everyone! Old design, new pattern, just listed. This pattern is suitable for cotton knits and it includes long, 3/4 and short sleeves, also tank top shark bite style. It’s great for any season! I am sure your dolls are going to love it! Comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome. Thank you for visiting! Here some pictures:

1 Asymmetrical T-shirt pattern suzymstudio

2 Asymmetrical T-Shirt pattern suzymstudio

3 Asymmetrical 34 sleeve t-shirt suzymstudio

4 Asymmetrical sharkbite tank top pattern suzymstudio

5 Asymmetrical long sleeve pattern suzymstudio

Classy Coat and Jacket Sewing Pattern

Hi Everyone! This is my new pattern design! Classy Coat and Jacket Sewing Pattern was made to fit 18 inch dolls. It is fully lined and roomy enough to fit over another top.
Medium level and suitable for cotton fabrics. You are going to need buttons, snaps and some hand sewing. It’s available now on SuzyMStudio site, Etsy and Craftsy. I believe your dolls are going to love this design. Comments, suggestions and questions are always welcome. Happy sewing!  Suzy :-)

Classy Coat Jacket Pattern by SuzymStudio

Classy Coat and Jacket PDF Pattern SuzyMStudioClassy Coat and Jacket PDF Pattern By SuzyMStudioClassy Coat Jacket Sewing Pattern SuzyMStudio


Free Tutorial Fleece Ear and Neck Warmers for 18 inch dolls

Free Tutorial Ear and Neck warmers SuzyMStudio

Hi Everyone! It’s cold and beautiful outside!                                                                        I just finished this set for my doll to share with you. A very cozy ear and neck warmer tutorial for this season.                                                                                                  You are going to need about half a yard of fleece, matching thread, snaps and felt buttons.                                                                                                                                       I am using a conventional sewing machine with polyester thread and a stretch or ball point needle. I also adjusted the sewing machine to medium tension and medium stitches length.                                                                                                                                      Note: This tutorial was designed for fleece fabric, if you try another fabric you may need to make some adjustments. For good results, cut the pattern on the grain line marked on the graphics.                                                                                                           Happy sewing!

1 Ear Neck warmer SuzyMStudio

1- Cut the patterns pieces on the right grain line, on fold, 2 of each.

2 Ear Neck warmer SuzyMStudio

2-Right sides together, place the ear warmer and the neck warmer on the matching piece and pin them together leaving about 2 inches open at the center to turn. You can use another fleece color for the lining if you desire.

3 Ear Neck warmer SuzyMStudio

3-Stitch them together, sewing allowance is about ¼ inch.

4 Ear Neck warmer SuzyMStudio

4-Trim the corners.

5 Ear Neck warmer SuzyMStudio

5-Turn inside out, I am using a crochet hook to help.

6 Ear Neck warmer SuzyMStudio

6-Using matching thread and needle, sew both openings by hand.

7 Ear Neck warmer SuzyMStudio

7-Align the fabric and pin to keep the fleece in place before you topstitch.

8 Ear Neck warmer SuzyMStudio

8-Topstitch both all the way around close to the edge while removing pins as you sew.

9 Ear Neck warmer SuzyMStudio

9- Finishing the ear warmer: Sew on the snaps. Note, fleece stretches, so measure the head of your doll for the right snap placement.

10 Ear Neck warmer SuzyMStudio

10-For the embellishment I am using felt buttons I found at a craft store. You can substitute them for bows, flowers, etc… if you like.

11 Ear Neck warmer SuzyMStudio

11- On the right side, sew the felt buttons on the neck warmer, by hand.

12 Ear Neck warmer SuzyMStudio

12- On the wrong side, sew the snaps matching both ends.

Ear Neck warmer SuzyMStudio


Fleece Ear and Neck warmer tutorial SuzyMStudio

Get the PDF sewing graphics, just click on the link below:

Fleece Ear and Neck Warmer Free Tutorial 18 inch SuzyMStudio

I hope you like it. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact me.                                                                                                                                                                    Yes, you can share it! I just ask you to keep the link and don’t change any part of it. I would do the same with you.

Thank you and Happy sewing!